Because of the number of questions we get regarding the supplement, we would like to answer some of them:

  • Is this a steroid?
  • No, despite some people calling Somatodrol a natural steroid, it is still just a supplement. It is safe and does not cause any side effects.

  • When can you expect the first results.
  • Everyone reacts differently to the supplement, you should see the changes after 2-4 weeks. After several months your body will undergo a total metamorphosis. Remember however, that Somatodrol without working out will not work.

  • Funziona veramente?
  • Sì, l'integratore Somatodrol è molto efficace. Esso consente di costruire il muscolo in breve tempo ed è raccomandato per gli atleti professionisti e non.

  • Does that really work?
  • Yes, Somatodrol supplement is very effective. It allows to build muscle in a short time and it is recommended for athletes as well as amateurs.

  • Is using Somatodrol safe?
  • Somatodrol is a totally safe substance and very convenient if it comes to dosing. Whole supplement is made from natural ingredients. Does not cause any side effects. You can focus on training, since Somatodrol provides full safety.

  • How to use Somatodrol
  • You should take 1-2 capsules two times a day, on an empty stomach with a lot of water.

  • I'm a pro bodybuilder and I regularly get tested. Can I use Somadrol without fear of disqualification?
  • Each athletes federation has its laws and regulations under which certain substances are banned for consumption by its members. Therefore, make sure that you do everything in accordance with the current rules, talk about Somatodrolu with a trainer and a doctor in order to eliminate the risk. If you choose to use Somatodrolu, we will be happy, because we will help you go further. In the sport it is a matter of being the best!