Unique formula that works by accelerating and maintaining your results.

Somatodrol is a dietary supplement that helps increase muscle mass, the main component of it is a special GRTH Factor formula, a beta-alanine and arginine combined in unique proportions guaranteeing the best results. This formula is responsible for increasing the production of testosterone and HGH, accelerating muscle growth, regeneration of the body and providing the energy needed for the training session. Other ingredients of the supplement include Cayenne pepper, guarana and vitamin B12.

L-Arginine - is a compound from the group of amino acids, it stimulates the natural production of growth hormone and is also responsible for increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat.
GUARANA is a plant that comes form the Amazon river basin. Guarana seeds are the richest in caffeine raw material plant, three times stronger than coffee and while being much gentler to the digestive system. Guarana has no negative health effects on the kidneys or the body's minerals. A dose of guarana guarantees the immediate supply of energy and it removes fatigue for a long time. In addition, it increases focus and improves endurance during training.
Vitamin B12 is especially recommended for people who are on a low calorie diet, vegetarians and people who depend on maintaining a favorable ratio between muscle mass and body fat. In addition, Vitamin B12 is involved in the processing of proteins, fat and carbohydrates for energy. Therefore, eliminates weakness and prevents feeling of fatigue. In addition, it prevents memory loss and increases the ability to concentrate.


I started hitting the gym when I was 19. I've always been skinny and couldn't find a way to gain muscle mass and look good. I've taken different protein powders and even creatines, but with no effects. Then my friend told me about Somatodrol. I didn't believe him in the beggining, because I've always been negative towards this kind of stuff. But I took a risk and decided to but it. After the month I was left speechless. In almost a year muscles started to appear all over my body. It felt unbelievable. Now I use Somatotrol regularly and I'm really happy with it. Remember, never give up your goal.
Rapid muscle growth without anabolic steroids – sounded like fiction. But I thought to myself one package would not kill me, now I know I'd rather regret not buying it. I'm after the 4 months of cycle and the results overcame my expectations. I achieved what my friends were working for about a year or longer. Jealosy in their eyes is the true recommendation (besides the attention from females)



I strongly recommend this muscle building supplement for all. Works great, in a short time brings visible results and what's more is considered safe. You won't find better anywhere.


Great stuff, after 3 weeks I see a huge effect, I just hope it won't come down when I put it aside..

Alexander Fox

When ordering Somatodrol I did not expect any major effects. I've been working out at the gym already for three years and I needed something that would introduce me to a new level and this supplement has done the trick.